Auratone Corporation Studio Monitors and Speaker Systems

The Auratone systems on this page are original prototypes and samples. You may contact me at Auratone {AT) bellsouth [ dot ] net

Please note: These units are one of a kind and are not currently for sale. Auratone inventory items that are for sale can be found here:
I am sorry for any confusion.

Original 5C's

"Auratone 5C" rubber stamped on back,

Gold Auratone logo on fabric grille cloth, red tape "X" on the top of one

Early 5C Variations

True cube shape, 5" brown fabric grille, Brown Field, Chula Vista

5C Super-Sound Cube

SN# 0501840


5C Super-Sound Cube

"Original wirewrap", gold imprinting, SN#2041149

5C Super-Sound Cube

Imprinting on baffle in gold


5C Super-Sound Cube

Fabric grille, silver imprinting on baffle: Logo and Recording Monitors for the Real World

5C Super-Sound Cube

Square speaker in round hole,

5C no marking except for gold SN# imprinting on baffle, no veneer

5C Super-Sound Cube Video Shield Magnet

Pleather, laminate baffle and back

5C Super-Sound Cube

Pleather, fuzzy material on bottom

5C Super-Sound Cube

Goldish speaker

Primo Sound Cube

Silver imprinting

Ultra Sound-Cube

Silver imprinting, SN#8010060

Ultra Sound Cube

Imprinted front and back in silver

Ultra Sound Cube


Ultra Sound Cube

Silver imprinting

Ultra Sound Cube


Super-Sound Cube

Video-Shield Magnet, wood grain sides, silver imprinting, SN#0251807

5C ? Sound Cube

Pleather, seams on all edges, fuzzy bottom


Road Cubes

Vinyl handle crossways to closure, no label, square magnet, no way of connecting speaker that is glued in

Road Cube

Empty, no markings, stitched handle

Road Cubes

Plastic grilles with Auratone molded into grille, stitched handle

Single Road Cube

Banana plug and fuse, Auratone molded into plastic grille

5S Full-Range-System

Del Mar

5S Full-Range System

Gold imprinting

5S Full-Range System


6-1/2 X 9-1/2 X 5 deep, smaller speaker about 3"

5W Super-Sound-Cube

SN#738107, typed

5W Super-Sound-Cube

SN#738216, typed

5W Super-Sound-Cube

2-9-82, SN#1380682, black molded plastic terminal

5W Super-Sound-Cube

Molded logo on grille the same as on Road Cube, SN#2391391 imprinted in gold

T-5 Test Sample

4-24-83, 7 X 10-1/4 X 7-1/4

Original T6

T-6 Sub-Compact 2-Way

"Not shielded", SN#7300287

T-6 Sub-Compact 2-Way

Slightly textured cone, SN#3060232

T-6 Sub-Compact 2-Way

Smooth cone, SN#3030214

RT6V, Video Shield


RTV5 Rack Two-Way



Walnut veneer, multi-color grille cloth, 11-3/8 X 21 X 11 deep, Thousand Oaks, CA

5X Super-Slim-Line,

Del Mar, 7-1/2 X 7-1/2 X 3-1/4 deep

Pro-Line Model: PL5X

Hi-Fi Extension Speaker, For Hi-Fi, Auto, Stereo, Radio, 7-1/2 X 7-1/2 X 3 deep, 5-3/8 perforated metal grille

Rubber stamped "Auratone" on back

Brown fabric grille cloth, screw-on back, no veneer, 7-1/4 X 11-1/2 X 5-1/2 deep

Painted orange, black frame, brown grille cloth

11-1/4 X 15-1/2 X 4-1/2